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What is Tiger Mountain Archery?

Tukong Tiger Mountain What is Tiger Mountain Archery?

Tiger Mountain Archery

Traditional, Instinctive Archery Instruction
Short Range Shooting (10 – 30 Meter)

& Korean Traditional 145 Meter Shooting

There is a saying in Traditional Korean Archery, “You must have the power to push the mountain, and the strength to pull the tiger by its tail.”

Come learn and shoot with us!

Tukong Tiger Mountain What is Tiger Mountain Archery?

About Tiger Mountain Archery

특공궁술 – Tukong Goong Sul (Special Warrior Archery Technique) teaches instinctive, Asiatic archery – which means we aim instinctively, and shoot with the thumb draw technique. You do not need to be a martial arts student to come enjoy the thrill of Archery! The Tiger Mountain Center Archery program gives people the opportunity to enjoy learning a new skill, hone existing skills, and to enjoy the sport and challenge of Archery. We also welcome Mediterranean-style archers! No matter your skill level, you are welcome at Tiger Mountain Center!

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