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Tukong Tiger Mountain  Tuition at Tukong Tiger Mountain

Tuition at Tukong Tiger Mountain

I believe the value of Tukong Moosul would put the monthly pricing around $200 a month. However, Grandmaster’s goal in bringing Tukong to the world was to help spread the philosophy, self-control, self-confidence, as well as effective self-defense that he learned during his time in the Dae Yeon Temple. In the World Tukong Moosul Federation, we believe Martial Arts should be for everyone. Therefore we keep our dollar tuition affordable in order to allow more people to enjoy, learn, and benefit from this art.

The membership plans at Tukong Tiger Mountain are straightforward:

Tukong Moosul

Child and Adult Programs: $120 per month – *Please ask about family discounts
Private Lessons: Please speak with your teacher

No contracts. No pre-paid programs. No limits on number of classes (so long as it’s within your program.. no Adults in Children’s classes for example).

Other Fees:

Uniform Cost: $85
Testing Fees: Color Belt: $50 per test (Held every 4 to 5 months)

Tukong Tiger Mountain In addition to the dollar amount, tuition is paid in two other ways:

In addition to the dollar amount, tuition is paid in two other ways:

School Engagement –

You may have heard stories of the old days of martial arts schools, when prospective students spent weeks or months sweeping and cleaning floors, cleaning the seniors uniforms, or doing other such tasks before being allowed to join classes. These are, to my knowledge, true for the most part. Of course, it didn’t stop there – once accepted students kept the school clean, assisted their seniors in whatever tasks were presented, and were generally engaged in the needs of the school. This helped build not only a strong sense of community, but humility for the entire school assembly.

At Tukong Tiger Mountain you are, of course, encouraged to train from day one. Once you have been accepted as a student we ask that you continue the traditions of the martial arts by being engaged in the daily needs of the “Dojang” (Place where you Learn the Way of Martial Arts). This may be cleaning, helping your seniors with tasks for the school, or bringing a dish to a school social event. You may have particular talents that you would like to offer to the school. Whatever the case, part of everybody’s tuition is being engaged in the needs of the school, not just showing up and heading out. In this way we have a consistent practice of our school philosophies:
Myung Ae (Honor)
Dan Gyul (Community/Unity)
Bong Sa (Selfless Service)

Diligent Training –

We also ask that you train with diligence. Nothing will move you forward in your practice like consistency. While we completely understand work schedules, travel schedules, and family schedules; we ask that students create a plan to include training as often as is feasible and try to stick to it as closely as possible.

Finally, as Grandmaster teaches us –

“Train with a fierce heart, and a smiling face.”

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